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We provide actionable strategic advice that exceeds our clients' expectations

We develop and implement program evaluation tools and methodologies that support evidence-based decision making

We offer a unique and sophisticated blend of cutting-edge research solutions that are aligned to our clients' organizational goals

About Strategy & Insights

Strategy and Insights is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in providing strategic insights, evidence and knowledge that is transformative and actionable.  We help clients improve performance, comply with complex policies and regulations, and reduce costs—delivering measurable, sustainable results.


Strategic Planning

Our philosophy is to provide strategic advice that’s actionable and exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Program Evaluation

We provide Program Evaluation expertise to clients wishing to understand the performance and effectiveness of their program. We also help clients in the formulation of action plans.

​Quantitative and Qualitative Research Solutions

We offer a wide range of Quantitative and Qualitative solutions, from  Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews to Case Studies